One in a 100 year storm....finally warming up...few minor snow chances

Once in a generation storm is how the southern plains/gulf coast storm is being described.  It snowed on the beaches of Galveston TX for the first time since 1895!!  With the record cold from Nebraska to Texas, there were numerous rolling blackouts due to the energy demand.  Absolutely incredible.  Now let's focus on our warmup!!  It's been an impressive streak of below zero temps but not nearly record breaking for the valley.  As the arctic air mass moves eastward, southerly winds will slowly warm us up this week.  20's and 30's by the weekend and into next week will feel NICE!!!  There are a few "minor" chances for snow this week.  Wednesday we could see a dusting of snow and some light accumulations are possible over the weekend.  30s then push into the area for the first half of next week before things cool down later next week but NOT bitter cold. It still appears a few storms on the horizon for March which is typical for the valley.  


Chief Meteorologist

Dean Wysocki