Icy cold finally relaxes....cold weather stays....few chances for snow possible

The map shown is temps for mid March!!  Yes....still cold.  In fact what i'm seeing on long range models is a continuation of the cold weather but fewer bouts of long term arctic cold like we are going through now.  Another thing i'm seeing is an increase in chances for snow from the latter part of February into mid March.  One thing that is looking likely is that once we flip this cold pattern, spring should be here to stay.  When is the million dollar question and it looks like the first week in April.  As we ease out of this arctic air mass (which should wind up ranking in the top 10 for longest stretch of below zero temps) and our temps moderate, some light snow chances starting late next week and into early March.  Stay warm, bundle up in layers as the next few days will continue to see dangerous wind chills.  


Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki