Wind Chill advisory....weekend snow.....February looking cold

FINALLY, some true January cold as we expected after Jan. 20th.  Not the BRUTALLY cold weather but temps between 10 and 20 below is cold enough.  As the main storm track continues to our south so far this winter season, ie: record breaking snowfall in NE and IA, our snow drought continues.  However, as I talked about last week, it looks like a "snowier" pattern is emerging as we turn the corner into February. Many different outcomes for this weekend's snowfall potential but the majority of models are painting about 2-4" Stay tuned on that snow event.  After this weekend's snow, there is a possible "larger" storm for the first week in February.  Temps will moderate back into the 20s for this weekend and into most of next week.  Not bad as we turn the corner into February.  Long range models are looking like Feb. will be colder than January has been.  Stay tuned

Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki