North Dakota State Court System reports scam involving fraudulent charges

(Bismarck, ND) – The North Dakota Court System says a scam involving fraudulent charges has been reported.

On Thursday, the Court announced that a scam involving fraudulent charges to an individual’s financial accounts has surfaced across the state. The scam purports to be charges for e-filing with the North Dakota Court System.

“This activity is being generated by unknown persons who are not connected to the North Dakota Court System, using information relating to a North Dakota Clerk of Court Office,” a release from the North Dakota Court System said.

The court system says anyone who received a notification titled “NDEFILE” informing them of a financial account being charged for electronically filing in the North Dakota Court System should contact their financial institution to report the charges and challenge the fraudulent activity.

“Legitimate charges for electronically filing with the court are assessed at the time of filing and only if the filing is made through the Court’s efiling system,” the court system said.