GoFundMe page raises $1.9 million for Highland Park shooting orphan

Photo by: Irina Colon - GoFundMe Page
Photo by: Irina Colon - GoFundMe Page

(Highland Park, IL) -- A GoFundMe page for a toddler left orphaned by the Highland Park shooting has raised nearly two-million dollars.

A picture of two-year-old Aiden McCarthy went viral after Monday's attack at a Fourth of July parade. Local news reports said the little boy's parents, Kevin and Irina McCarthy, were two of seven people killed in the mass shooting north of Chicago.

A GoFundMe page was started for the orphan, and over 34-thousand donations were collected in less than 12 hours. As of this morning, more than one-point-nine-million dollars has been raised.

You can find the page by clicking here.