5 feet of snow and how it warms us up!!!

Ok....ok.....HOW in the WORLD can 5 FEET of snow warm US up??   Quite simple, as a large storm system pushes into the west coast, this turns our upper level winds into our area out of the WSW and in turn warms us up while the west coast gets blasted with snow in the Sierra Nevada range.  As a piece of that storm rides through the rockies and pulls into the N. Plains, it will give us RAIN on Sunday changing to some snow Sunday night into Monday.    Now the first few weeks of March look stormier than February was (minus the last few days)  Not every storm will hit us, however, don't think we are done with the snow just yet.   We will have some mild weather mixed in but it definitely looks like some more snow on the horizon. 


Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki