LRC and how dry it's been. Changes coming.....

There's no doubt that the start of the LRC has been dry!!   LRC reset approx. Oct. 6th and we haven't had much precip since then.  However, it FINALLY appears we will go into the "wet" part of the LRC cycle.  I've attached precip possibilities for the next 10 days from the European, Canadian and British models.  Notice some much needed precip over much of the area between 1-2" over the next 10 days with most of that coming NEXT week.   

Once concern though is that "drier" area in South Dakota.  Could that "drier" area sneak into the valley and lakes country?  It's possible depending on the track of numerous storms heading our way.  Let's stay positive though and know that some much needed precip is on the way later next week!!  How about snow?  Current thinking is MOST of the precip will fall in the form of rain, however, there is a chance for some snow next weekend (12th/13th) followed by much colder weather.   

So far, the LRC has been dry but when will the cycle be "set" and we can give you the most accurate forecast in the valley?  Time will tell but we are seeing some signs of the cycle setting sometime shortly after mid November.  Stay tuned.......

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Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki