LRC, what is it and does it work? LRC forecast for our area through Sept.

LRC....what is it?  Does it work?  LRC stands for Lezak Recurring Cycle.   This was coined by Gary Lezak, a well known meteorologist in KC and a friend of mine.  How it works is there is a pattern that sets up every fall through early winter.  Each year is unique too.  The pattern that sets up each fall/winter, "cycles" through throughout the rest of the year.  Each year the cycle length is different.  Lets say for instance this years cycle length is 46 days.  Roughly the same pattern will cycle through the same area every 46 days.   Gary uses this technique to forecast long range.  I've been following Gary for MANY years with this technique and it's remarkable.   He ACCURATELY predicted T.S. Claudette, which hit the Gulf and SE last week, all the way back in March!!   The accuracy is amazing.  

Now let's use the LRC to look into our weather in the valley and across the Dakotas and Minnesota.   The first map shows above normal temps for the Dakota's all the way through Sept.  Look at the big spike in temps in late July and early August!!  The next 2 maps focus on precip, and temps.  Just like we were thinking, it looks drier than normal across the Dakota's.  Not good news for farmers/ranchers as they are already selling off livestock due to the dry conditions.   

So, in a nutshell, LRC is predicting a warmer than normal rest of summer with dry conditions.  Let's hope as the fall settles in and a new LRC pattern sets up, it will be "wetter" looking forecast.   


Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki