Another record bites the dust, snow back in the forecast, colder weather ahead

Another record will fall today as temps rise into the 60s!!  Some areas will push 70 degrees.   The EARLIEST 70 temp in F/M  is March 15th 2015.  Enjoy the mild but windy weather!!  Snow is back in the forecast after today.

Here is the latest AM computer model run.  The reason I chose this one is the model run from 6 hours ago had the heaviest snow band (4-6") over the F/M area while now it has shifted it to the south.  There will be a very narrow band of snow with nothing to the north and a 40 mile band of heavier snow.  Time frame on the snow would be Wed. night into Thursday AM.  We need the moisture so any moisture is welcome.  Temps will remain in the 30s for the remainder of the week with 40s returning this weekend.  Another potential storm for next week right before St. Patrick's Day.  


Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki