North Dakota Dem-NPL convention ends first day with two statewide endorsements

(Fargo, ND) – While the Republican Party met at the Sanford Health Athletic Complex, North Dakota Democrats convened their State Convention at the Avalon Events Center in downtown Fargo.

Democratic State Chairman Adam Goldwyn tells WDAY Radio News that 298 delegates registered on the opening day of their three-day convention. That number is up from the 2020 convention, when approximately 200 delegates registered. In 2022, the convention was held via Zoom.

“We are hoping for a few more tomorrow, with the weekend and the big endorsement tomorrow,” Goldwyn said.

He said the turnout on Friday signals good things for the Democratic party.

“I think the Dem-NPL is on the rise again,” Goldwyn said. “I think people have seen what happens when you let an unchecked super majority run rampant over the values of the state.”

Only two candidates for statewide office were endorsed Friday – Tim Lamb, a Grand Forks attorney, for state auditor; and Tracey Wilkie, who was endorsed for the second time for the Public Service Commission.

No nominees were brought to the delegates for state treasurer or insurance commissioner.

Saturday’s endorsements will include Governor, Lieutenant Governor, US House and US Senate.