North Dakota gubernatorial candidate Tammy Miller supports second amendment rights

(Fargo, ND) — Tammy Miller grew up in a small town north of Lakota named Brocket.

Her parents were in the lumber and hardware business, owning a business called Miller Shopping Center on the Prairie, which was situated outside of Brocket. As children, the Millers all worked there. That’s where her second amendment beliefs came from.

“With our business out in the middle of nowhere, we were often the victim of thieves,” she said. “So when the alarm went off, our house was only a mile away from the store. We would grab our shotguns and go and guard the store until the sheriff arrived.”

She said she “firmly believes in the Second Amendment.”

“(I) very much support it and believe we all have the right to gun ownership and to protect our property,” Miller said.

Miller made the comments on The Flag’s What’s On Your Mind.