Gubernatorial candidate Tammy Miller talks pro-life, says legislature "made good progress" on pro-life issues

(Fargo, ND) — Gubernatorial candidate Tammy Miller says she agrees with pro-life legislation North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum has signed in his term in office.

“I am pro-life. I do though believe we have to have some very narrow exceptions for women, especially young women and girls who are victims of rape and incest,” she said. “Our current law that was signed by the governor last session has those very narrow exceptions, and I support that bill and I am pro-life.”

She said the issues are important to the citizens in the state — and that officials “made good progress” in the last legislative session.

“We did deal with a lot of those more cultural issues,” the gubernatorial cacndidate said.

Miller made the comments on The Flag’s What’s On Your Mind.