Congressional candidate Julie Fedorchak endorses Trump

(Dickinson, ND) -- Congressional Candidate Julie Fedorchak endorsed Donald Trump at Monday's North Dakota Republican Party's caucus events in Dickinson, highlighting the Biden administration's mishandling of the economy, failures at the southern border, and war on American energy.

"Under Joe Biden, North Dakotans are feeling the squeeze of skyrocketing costs, from gas to groceries, while our economy falters. Our borders are wide open and our agriculture and energy industries are being punished and marginalized," Fedorchak said. "We need a strong leader to take charge, reign in the federal government and get our country back on track. That person is Donald Trump."

Fedorchak announced her campaign for Congress in February, where she promised to address the national debt and rising inflation, secure the border, and prioritize American energy production. She currently serves on the Public Service Commission, where she has been a champion for reliable and affordable energy production. If elected to the House of Representative, she will work with President Trump on these priorities.

"I am running for Congress to be a problem solver," Fedorchak said. "I will be an ally for President Trump in Congress. We will put America first in energy and first in agriculture. We will secure our borders and tackle the debt and build a brighter future for our families and our nation."