Burgum says 'no' to VP run under Trump, cabinet position

(NEW YORK) -- Governor Doug Burgum has made it very clear -- he will not run on a ticket as Donald Trump's running mate, nor is he interested in a Cabinet position under another President. The 67-year-old Republican Presidential candidate appeared on Bloomberg Television on Monday to discuss his campaign and issues surrounding the country, nearly a week following the first Republican Presidential Debate, held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Burgum told Bloomberg he will be at the next debate, held in California.

"We're fully confident, by the time we get to September, that we'll be on the debate stage," he said. The Republican Party will hold its second presidential primary debate on September 27 in Simi Valley, California, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute. Candidates will, reportedly, need to eclipse three percent in two national polls, or three percent in one national poll and two polls conducted in early state. They'll also need to have 50,000 unique donors, including at least 200 donors from 20 different states or territories, according to USA Today.

"There was a poll that came out the day after the debate that had us at four percent," Burgum said.

When asked if he would accept the offer to be the US Secretary of Energy, Burgum said no, citing the fact that he has always "been the guy that's the CEO or the Governor."

In a separate interview, on CNN's "This Morning" program, Burgum said he would not consider being Donald Trump's running mate.