Biden: Russia attack is premeditated assault on Ukrainian people

Photo by: The White House
Photo by: The White House

(Washington, DC) -- President Biden calls Russia's assault on Ukraine an unprovoked, premeditated attack on the people of Ukraine.  

Speaking from the White House, Biden unveiled another round of sweeping economic sanctions against Russia. He argued Russia is already feeling the effects of sanctions. Biden said the U.S. and allies will degrade Russia's economy "for years to come." He vowed, "Freedom will prevail" and said he has no plan to talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin again.

Biden said Russia's assault has played out pretty much as predicted. He stressed that Putin is the aggressor and chose to attack his neighbor. Biden described Putin's rationale as "outlandish." He again stressed that U.S. military troops will not be deployed to fight Russians in Ukraine.  

Biden said NATO will convene a 30-nation summit this week to map out next steps on further strengthening the alliance. Biden was pressed on U.S.-Russia relations and said they'll be ruptured if Moscow stays on its current path.