Police Chief complains after Fargo Theatre staffer prevents chief's entry while carrying concealed handgun

Image by WDAY News Staff - Tom Tucker
Image by WDAY News Staff - Tom Tucker

(Fargo, ND) -- The police chief for the City of Lake Park Minnesota is criticizing Fargo Theatre policy, after a theater staffer would not allow the chief to enter the theater while carrying a concealed firearm while he was off duty. 

"My moral responsibilities as a trained police officer do not go away. When I go to the grocery store, if I go somewhere, a convenience store, if I go to get gas. Sometimes I think no, I'm not going to bring my gun this time. But then the thought pops into my head, but what if? What if this is the time, and I'm not armed and something bad happens to me, to my family, to the people around me and I could have been the person to intervene, the person to stop it, but I decided not to carry my firearm," said Brady Burnside.   

Burnside says he attempted to enter the theater over the weekend with his wife to view a performance. 

Burnside says he showed his police identification to the Fargo Theatre staffer at the door, who still would not allow Burnside to enter the theater with his weapon. 

The chief says he eventually secured his gun in his vehicle and later entered the theater. 

Burnside says he carries a concealed firearm in compliance with the Federal Law Enforcement Officers' Safety Act of 2004. 

WDAY Radio Now is reaching out to the Fargo Theatre for comment.