(Fargo, ND) -- The Fargo Police Department has joined Neighbors by Ring, a free app which aims to reduce crime in neighborhoods by connecting people, recorded video from security cameras, smart doorbells and law enforcement.

The Neighbors app allows residents to share crime prevention and safety information with individuals within their own neighborhood. Users may voluntarily share saved videos and photos of suspicious activity. The app also allows the FPD to see any shared information, images and video. This information helps officers identify community concerns and potential criminal activity in the community.

Fargo residents are being encouraged by the department to download the free app from an app store. Residents are not required to own a Ring or home security device in order to participate in this program. The Neighbors app only features content about crime prevention and safety. In order to increase its functionality for users, it does not include any advertisements within the app. While the app features camera integrations to allow video to be easily shared, it does not allow users or law enforcement access to other users’ cameras.