Sanford Health to ramp up testing, offer serology test


As the battle against coronavirus wages on, President Donald Trump and leaders across the United States continue to push for better testing across all areas to aid in fighting the deadly coronavirus. Dr. Michael LeBeau, Sanford Health Bismarck President, says that mass testing will lead to a decreased mortality rate, thus he’s pushing for better and expansive testing for the virus.

“The more testing we do, the better data we collect, the better analysis we can perform,” LeBeau said.

Sanford Health is becoming a game-changer when it comes to testing for coronavirus. Earlier this month, Sanford Health announced rapid testing, which consists of a test that will allow for results to be available to providers and those who are tested within 90 minutes. Officials at Sanford in Bismarck have also announced a test that will allow results to be available in 45 minutes. Sanford in Fargo and Sioux Falls were the first to begin the rapid testing.

LeBeau says Sanford will begin serology testing soon.

“We’re excited to announce that we’re going to have blood testing coming,” LeBeau said. “The serology testing will measure your body’s response or whether you’ve been exposed.”

In addition, the testing will allow physicians to tell if patients were exposed to coronavirus in the past. LeBeau calls the serology testing a “game changer.”