Cramer meets with India Prime Minister


U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) was an honored guest at the Texas India Forum’s “Howdy Modi” event in Texas this weekend, where he met with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss his priorities and spent time with President Trump and other elected officials. The Prime Minister offered his appreciation for the Senator’s attendance and for his commitment towards strong ties between the two countries.

“I am grateful to our hosts and the 55,000 Indian Americans in attendance for their hospitality during this fantastic event,” said Senator Cramer. “I look forward to working with President Trump and Prime Minister Modi to advance the already-strong relationship between our two nations.”

During the event, Senator Cramer met with other elected officials and members of the administration before they were invited on stage. As President Trump spoke, he thanked Cramer for attending the day’s event. Click here to watch.

Following remarks from President Trump and the Prime Minister Modi, Senator Cramer met with the Indian Prime Minister to discuss their shared goals and priorities.

“Agricultural trade, energy, high skilled workers, and military cooperation were on the lunch agenda with Prime Minister Modi,” said Senator Cramer. “It was an honor to share the day with President Trump and 50,000 of our best Indian American friends.”

“I appreciate your presence at Howdy Modi,” the Prime Minister said to Senator Cramer. “Your personal commitment towards strong India-USA ties is deeply admirable.”