300-1600% Normal Rainfall Over Four Days

A slow-moving, multi-day storm system brought scattered showers and widespread rain over the course of four days, Thursday 9-21-23 through Sunday 9-24-23. Even today still some isolated showers are expected but accumulating rain will be insignificant. Heavier amounts of rainfall didn't cause many disturbances across the area as it well over several days with dry hours in between allowing dry soils to absorb it. But there were some locally heavier downpours of a shorter amount of time. Most locations across the Northern Plains picked up one to two inches of needed moisture with localized areas close to four inches near Ekre, ND, and Mooreton, ND as well as a little more than six inches near Elbow Lake, MN.

Rain totals over this four-day period are posted below. Percentage of normal daily rains over that four day window are posted below.

More rain chances are in the forecast but it won't come until the end of the week into the weekend, but this far out, there just isn't enough confidence to know for sure what will come of it.

Justin Storm