Much needed rain....unsettled pattern this week

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!  That's what our crops, lawns, and gardens are saying to start off this week.   Some pretty impressive rainfall totals throughout the Valley and into Lakes country since last Friday.   The heaviest fell in the Northern Valley around Pembina Co. where 7" of rain was tallied.   That is a bit much but it's been pretty dry around the area.   Now our attention turns to THIS week and a little unsettled weather will be heading our way.  Numerous chances of rainfall from Tuesday onward as a more progressive pattern sets up over the area.  I'm not expecting any excessive rain, but we could see up to an additional 1" of rain by the weekend.   All in all, a more "seasonable" week in regards to temperatures with no extreme heat expected. 


Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki