Christmas snow may impact travel but post Christmas snow looks heavier.

I hope this finds everyone in a great holiday spirit.  Does snow put YOU in the holiday spirit?  If so, you are in luck.  A "minor" snow system will be moving into the area Christmas afternoon.  1-3" looks likely across the valley.  This could cause some minor travel issues but shouldn't be anything too major. There is a slight chance of "banding" of the snow which would produce higher totals but exactly WHERE that sets up is hard to pinpoint at this stage.   Now, the post Christmas storm Sun/Mon (2nd map attached) shows much heavier amounts possible. Notice the "bulls eye" of heavier snow (dark gray) of over a foot possible just south of F/M area.  This storm will have to be watched carefully.  After that storm, another one in line for Tuesday followed by bitter cold air by middle and end of next week.  The NWS (National Weather Service) has already put out a statement describing wind chills by late next week as being "life threatening"    Please make sure to have a winter weather survival kit in your car for the upcoming snow and bitter cold.   

Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki