LRC, Halloween outlook

I just got back from a BEAUTIFUL Arizona trip which includes pics from Sedona, Phoenix and Salt River kayak trip.   If you have never experienced Arizona's beauty it is a MUST see, especially Sedona.  It truly is GOD'S country!!  I tried bringing back the 80 degree heat with me but the TSA would not allow it.  

We are in the first cycle of the LRC and it really is an amazing one this year.  We've already had close to 2" of precip during the month of October.  It will be VERY Interesting to see how this pans out in LRC cycle 2 during the latter parts of November.  It still looks like more snow is on tap for this winter compared to last.  Stay tuned on this as we will have our LIVE podcast with the inventor of the LRC on November 17th at 8pm streaming live on WDAY and the FLAG.

The rest of this week looks like we will have temps above normal with some showers coming through on Wednesday.  Halloween weekend will start off mild but temps crash on Sunday with highs in the upper 30s to around 40.with wind chills in the 20s during trick or treat time.  Bundle up those kiddos.  


Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki


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