Late But Much Needed Rain! Is More On The Way?

All of North Dakota got some well overdue rainfall. By no means is this a drought fixer but it helps for sure! Fargo, Hector International Airport recorded 1.29" of rainfall while most of the rain fell just to our east and northeast. Grand Forks coming in at just over an inch. The legend on the map is a little small and hard to see so ill try and blow it up and attach it as a second image. ( Yellow represents .75-1.0", while red is closer to 2" and dark red is 3-4").

As you can see from the image attached above just about all of North Dakota got some much needed moisture! We're still way behind on water but this helps out so much. The good news is that we have more rain in the forecast over this week as a more active weather pattern emerges. By the end of the week, most of the state should see another .25" - .75" of more rain with localized areas with higher amounts!



Justin Storm