LRC and tropical storm Claudette

The LRC, what is it?  Years ago, Gary Lezak, a well known meteorologist in Kansas City, found out that weather "cycles" through patterns starting in late fall and lasts through early winter.  This "pattern" is different each year and it "cycles" through on a 30 to 60 day cycle.   Again each year is different.  By using this LRC (Lezak Recurring Cycle) weather can be accurately forecasted MONTHS in advance.  Ive attached a temp graph for the northern plains and it's almost spot on.  We plan on having Gary on another podcast in the late fall to give his thoughts and ours on our upcoming winter.  

Here is a recent article on how Gary accurately predicted tropical storm Claudette MONTHS ago!!!

I would like to challenge my peers in the scientific community. I show this to some of my peers and they roll their eyes and say, "impossible". My science peers have closed minds. I have been sharing this with a couple good friends of mine for 35 years and they now say, "I'll give you that one". I think we are up to 100 times or more of "I'll give you that one". Beginning with the outdoor Super Bowl Forecast from Weather2020, LLC in 2014, read this from 2014: "File this one in the category of wishful thinking". It wasn't wishful thinking it was well analyzed and predicted by using the #LRC Now, look at what we just did. Look at the tweet from February. The prediction of green for June 10-20 means that it would likely be weak. Yellow and red in the next two LRC cycles should get the attention of anyone that just got impacted by this system. This now triggers an 84% probability of a stronger named storm in one of the next two cycles. There are six other targeted predictions for this hurricane season that we are monitoring. Florida will be a target this year as well! More from Weather2020, LLC soon!


Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki


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