Record Heat....little rain....week of HOT weather

Well HELLO summer!!  It's going to be a HOT one out there starting on Thursday and lasting through the end of next week.  It looks like the hottest days will be this FRI/SAT as temps approach or exceed 100 degrees!!.  At the onset, this will be a DRY Desert heat with low humidities and breezy conditions.  As we progress into next week the humidity increases but rain chances remain slim until late next week.  

Today will be a pretty decent day with temps in the 80s, light winds and low humidity.  However, this will be the last day in the 80s for awhile.  Make sure your air conditioner is in working order, DON'T leave your pets in a vehicle in this upcoming record heat and check on the elderly.   


Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki