Mild temps, close to record warmth....say NO to the European model!!

Is spring here to stay?  If you are from here you pretty much know the answer to that THIS early in March is NO.  However, it feels great with temps a good 15 to 30 degrees above normal!! This upcoming weekend, albeit windy, will be very mild!!  Temps will be in the 50s and pushing 60 in some areas!!  However, there is the elephant in the room and that would be an approaching storm system for the middle and end of next week.   The European looks rather ominous with a negatively tilted trof (a storm system tilted from NW to SE) and these are typically the strongest storms when they are negatively tilted.  However, models are all over the place on the track of this storm system so it's something that will definitely have to be watched.  Until then, let's enjoy the MILD weather heading our way.  Get out and enjoy the spring feel knowing that TRUE spring isn't THAT far away!!


Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki