Mild weather for first week in March....strong March storm follows?

Are we done with winter?  Can we put a fork in it?  No chance....although models are trying to "blow torch" the lower 48, meaning flooding the lower 48 with above normal temps for March.  I'm NOT buying it.  Too many connections pointing toward stormier and cooler than normal temps.  Let's focus on the next few days as we will see some snow melting weather as temps will be in the 30s to near 40!!  A cold front will track into the area Fri. night and drop temps into the teens and 20s over the weekend with a small chance for a little light snow.   March will start on a cool note in the 20s but temps warm all next week into the 30s and 40s meaning we will melt a LOT of our snow pack.  However, mark March 9th - 11th on your calendar .  Models continue to wrap up a vigorous storm into the central/northern plains after the first week in March.  Model shown above shows a blizzard in western ND and rain for the valley.  This track WILL change over the next week so keep this in mind.   Until then enjoy the milder weather heading our way.  

Chief Meteorologist

Dean Wysocki