Dangerous wind chills continue no end in sight....below normal through March? Snowier 2nd half of February

This is payback from the mild Dec/Jan right??  Check out that big blue H!!  It's a 1050 mb area of high pressure!  This translates to 31.00" of mercury on your home barometer!  Thats high!! Why the sudden turnaround?  A few reasons which I'll explain because it will be what is responsible for warming us back up too.  First off, "the Greenland block" is locked in place. This in effect buckles the jet and often brings us arctic air  The second is stratospheric warming.  When there is warming in the stratosphere layer, we often will turn COLD!!  I don't see either of these breaking down anytime soon.  One positive note: some signs of the stratospheric warming collapsing in early March but the delay on the warming is usually a 3 week delay.  I do see the second half of the month of February turning a bit snowier as the BITTER cold air eases its grip.  Until then, bundle up in layers as these dangerous wind chills will continue through at least next week!!!  Looking for a "warmer" thought???  Pitchers and catchers report to spring training NEXT WEEK!!!

Stay warm!!!  Warm thoughts!!!


Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki