Dangerous Wind Chills 2/6/21 - 2/9/21. How Much longer?

We start our Saturday mostly sunny however brutally cold. Current wind chills in Fargo/Moorhead is -39 due to northwest winds at 15-25mph. It doesn't take any longer than 10 minutes for frostbite to set in when we see wind chills near -40.

Unfortunately, it's not going to feel much warmer than this today, Sunday, and Monday... really not for the rest of the week. We will only observe a High of -7 today. I would say "feel" but it's going to feel like -30 this afternoon. Tonight Temperatures plummet again... Down to -20 possibly even slightly colder if the winds calm down a little more than we are expecting. When it gets this cold a couple of degrees in either direction doesn't make much of a difference. With northwest winds between 10-20mph tonight, wind chill temperatures will be near -45. High temperatures won't get back above 0 for the rest of the week. We will experience wind chills between 30 and 45 below over our weekend going into the beginning of our week. Even colder just to our north... For the rest of the week ahead wind chills between -20 and -40. 

February has set up to be what winter usually is here. Winter has a good grip on us but it's nothing we haven't seen before. Just remember to be safe and smart, bundle up when you're outside, keep those gas tanks full, and keep extra 'survival' gear in your car (blankets, heat pads, snacks, lights etc...)The long outlook looks much colder than January. We will see days closer to average, and or brief "warm-ups", but overall much colder air sticking around.

Wind chill warnings have been issued across Northern ND, and northern MN, with wind chill advisories issued through southern ND, down into Iowa. As of now, we remain in a wind chill advisory until Tuesday. It is likely we will see that advisory be extended further into the week ahead.



Justin Storm