Blocking high in Greenland? What does this mean for our weather? Weekend snow?

The map shown shows our weather at around 18k feet aloft. This is a very important part to what happens here at the surface, Typically when there is a blocking high around Greenland, this energizes the jet stream and typically drives it south and produces stronger storms. The one thing I'm NOT seeing is a big ridge around Alaska.  When these to features combine, the Arctic air floods into the lower 48.  When blocking occurs in the upper levels of the atmosphere, computer models do NOT handle the forecast very well.  So, with that being said, look for a lot of changes in the weather over the next few weeks.  We are definitely trending colder but will we see the TRUE arctic air?  It does look like we will see a "piece" of it over the next few weeks along with some minor snow events dropping a few inches here and there. It would not surprise me if there is 1 large storm over the next few weeks as we typically see a large storm ride right along the arctic air boundary.....Stay tuned


Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki