10-02-21 Energy Matters Hour 1

Every Saturday Energy Matters brings you the latest in energy and technology advancements and the people behind them.


 RNC Rapid Response Director Tommy Pigott joins us to talk about Biden's energy policies and how they will damage energy in states like North Dakota, South Dakota and beyond


 Lignite - Steve Van Dyke is the vice president of communications for the Lignite Energy Council. He will be discussing the coal counties that are among the top 10 for highest average wages


 Mineral Tracker - Joel Brown joins us 

1.      We have talked in the past about how MineralTracker has been designed to give North Dakota mineral owners options. Can you talk about why that was so important?


2.       If I go to MineralTracker.com today to sign up, what are my choices?


3.       We have talked before about mineral management. How does that fit into the picture?


4.       For the mineral owner that is looking for any of the options we have discussed, what should they do next?


 Director of CSEA, Al Anderson, gives us an update on where the CSEA currently is and where it is headed next 

Original Air Date: 
Saturday, October 2, 2021