4-10-21 Energy Matters Hour 2

 Today’s energy news headlines with Chris Larson


 PSC - With the recent fire near Medora due to a downed power line as well as others around the state, Public Service Commissioner Brian Kroshus joins Energy Matters

Extremely dry conditions have created additional concern in terms of fire danger related to downed power lines

All energy segments need to continue to exercise caution while out in the field, to prevent starting a range fire, particularly on windy days which are common in ND

The Medora event was caused by high winds in the area with gusts approaching 90 miles an hour

While these events can’t be completely prevented from occurring, mitigating risk and impacts is the main goal

Mitigating risk ties back to making prudent investments in infrastructure whether it’s a transmission or power line

States like California which haven’t keep up with infrastructure needs on the transmission side continue to see the consequences which can be deadly and economically devasting

Our role at the PSC is to ensure dollars flow into necessary upkeep while at the same time, balancing those expenses with reasonable utility bills or cost of service

With few exceptions, our energy industry does an excellent job of maintaining infrastructure in the state but nature sometimes has a mind of its own

Everyone needs to continue to exercise an overabundance of caution not only during times of drought but throughout the year, regardless of the activity

Rangeland and grazing with cattle, a leading agricultural industry in the state, is how producers monetize grass - one of the state’s most valuable commodities

Fires of any kind can place an incredible hardship on the agricultural community, we need to remain vigilant until conditions improve


 Reps. Alisa Mitskog and Dick Anderson join the show to discuss their hydrogen study 


 Rep. Mitskog joins us to talk natural gas 

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Saturday, April 10, 2021