4-10-21 Energy Matters Hour 1

Kevin Black has served as President of Creedence Energy Services since its founding in 2014. Today, he’ll join Energy Matters to discuss their technology they offer and they’ll promote the upcoming Williston Basin Petroleum Conference 


 Lignite Energy Council - Steve Benson, president of Microbeam Technologies, will talk about a rare earth elements project in western ND that was approved this week by the North Dakota Industrial Commission - 

Tell us about the project – why is North Dakota lignite a likely source of rare earth elements and who are the major players and what do they hope to accomplish?

Why are rare earth elements valuable?

Does this work well with the existing lignite industry or is this something completely different?

Do some coal seams have more rare earth elements than others?

As the primary contractor for the project, what role does Microbeam play in the overall project?


 Fahad Nazer is the spokesperson for the Embassy of Saudi Arabia to the United States. Mike Filloon joins the show for a conversation with Fahad 


 Mike continues to discuss our conversation with Fahad - 

Original Air Date: 
Saturday, April 10, 2021