4-04-20 Energy Matters Hour 1


This week's guests include:

North Dakota State Health Officer Mylynn Tufte, on the COVID-19 pandemic;

Conor Bernstein, senior director of communications with the National Mining Association, talking about the coal industry’s role during the coronavirus impact and the CoalFirst initiative at the Department of Energy

Mineral Tracker’s Joel Brown joins us on Energy Matters

  1. What is happening to oil prices?

  2. What does this mean for royalty owners?

  3. Their revenues will be affected immediately

  4. They won’t start seeing the impact until they receive their checks in April—this will be a rude awakening as they will be less than half of the previous month

  5. With the volatility in oil markets right now, MineralTracker’s ability to project future incomes is more valuable than ever. Mineral owners need to understand what they are going to make this year, because it is going to be a lot less than it has been for as long as these low prices continue.

  6. We are updating our projections daily as new oil price information is released

  7. We are getting asked very often if operator’s oil hedges will apply to royalty owners—the answer is no.

Public Service Commission Randy Christmann joins to continue the decision on adaptations the PSC is making in relation to COVID-19 and talk about how people can submit comment on different projects

Original Air Date: 
Saturday, April 4, 2020