North Dakota sisters criticize Tammy Miller gubernatorial campaign over attack ad featuring molestation case

(Fargo, ND) -- A North Dakota woman and her sister have a grievance with Lieutenant Governor Tammy Miller over an ad Miller is running in her campaign for governor.

"I was speechless. I was beyond words just knowing the fact that somebody thinks that it's okay to exploit a situation like this for their own personal and political gain," said Marriah Marsh.

Marsh is criticizing a Miller ad attacking gubernatorial opponent Kelly Armstrong. 

The ad references Armstrong in 2007 defending the molester who abused Marsh and her sister. 

Marsh wants the Miller campaign to pull the ad. 

Miller's campaign manager Dawson Schefter provided this written statement to WDAY Radio Now: 

“Kelly Armstrong admits the ad is accurate. In Congress, he voted to protect insider trading and then sold up to $150,000 in stock before the market crash. Now Armstrong is also admitting he defended a child molester. Our campaign had no idea who the victims were and they weren’t named in the ad. To be clear — Kelly Armstrong named these victims to advance his political career. That’s shameful.”

Marsh said her family does not bear any resentment toward Armstrong for defending her molester, and said Armstrong was simply doing his job.

Marsh considers the representative a family friend.