Senate passes Senator Kevin Cramer's legislation aimed at nullifying DOT auto emission rule

Photo provided by Office of Senator Kevin Cramer
Photo provided by Office of Senator Kevin Cramer

(Fargo, ND) -- Senator Kevin Cramer scored a win in the U.S. Senate chamber Wednesday afternoon in his effort aimed at eliminating a 2023 rule from the Department of Transportation that Cramer describes as "crazy". 

"It's clearly illegal. We debated this issue. I am the ranking member of the subcommittee that debated this issue and chose not to put it in the highway bill, unanimously I might add, when we passed the highway bill," said Cramer. 

Today the senate, along with support from democrats, passed Cramer's continuing resolution aimed at nullifying the DOT's rule.

The rule requires states to measure greenhouse gas emissions from tailpipes, and come up with plans to reduce those emissions over time. 

Cramer says the DOT does not have the legal authority to implement such a rule. 

While the Senate passed the CRA, it's expected President Biden will veto it.