North Dakota congressional delegation reacts to Burgum not seeking a third term

(Washington, DC) — North Dakota’s congressional delegation are praising Governor Doug Burgum, his wife Kathryn, and their service to North Dakota.

“Doug Burgum is a tremendous representative of, and advocate for, North Dakota. He’s undertaken many important initiatives to grow our communities and used the national stage to tell our state’s story,” said Senator John Hoeven. “He has been a great partner in working to provide more opportunity and prosperity for all North Dakotans. That includes building upon our strong ag industry, expanding our role as an energy powerhouse and paving the way for our state’s dynamic tech sector. We look forward to continuing to work on these important efforts and more, as he and Kathyrn complete their term as Governor and First Lady.”

Senator Kevin Cramer, who served as the North Dakota GOP Chairman from 1991 to 1993, said, “No one could ever say Doug Burgum isn’t his own person. He has served North Dakota very well. I’ve been honored to work with him these last several years, and I look forward to working with him a lot more. He has earned the right to take a short or long break or seek a promotion. Whatever it is, he will do it his way, and he will be successful at it. It will be for a cause bigger than himself. For that, I am grateful. Congratulations to the Governor and the First Lady on their incredible service to the people of North Dakota and congratulations on whatever is next.”

Congressman Kelly Armstrong, who chaired the North Dakota GOP from 2016 to 2018, said, “Pundits like to say North Dakota is fly over country, but that has never stopped Governor Doug Burgum from seeing the potential we have and pushing hard to achieve it. He has always known there is an important place for us on the national stage. Kjersti and I are forever thankful for the leadership he and First Lady Kathryn Burgum have shown guiding North Dakota, and we congratulate him on two successful terms. Our state is better off because Governor Burgum stepped up to serve.”