NDUS considering changing several rules for college presidents, equalizing salary, housing opportunities, and more

Courtesy: North Dakota University System
Courtesy: North Dakota University System

(WDAY Radio) -- NDUS Chancellor Mark Hagerott is giving additional details on proposed changes for University Presidents moving forward. 

The North Dakota University System Chancellor spoke with the State Board of Higher Education on Thursday, January 18th, about multiple topics related to higher education across the state. At the meeting, Chancellor Hagerott proposed equalizing the salary for college presidents, finding housing for some college presidents who do not have University provided living quarters, and increasing the length of the contracts with University presidents from the current yearly review to a three year contract. 

"Things have been pretty boring, and I think the taxpayers should be proud about that." said NDUS Chancellor Mark Hagerott, referring to a period of time when education leadership in the region garnered news attention and "drama", "Two predecessors before me there was a lot of uncertainty and he left under a cloud. Then there was an NDSU president who flew to the Obama inauguration, and then the people who knew [and] were in the know, the board had to remove that person. And then there was some turmoil at UND."

None of the polices or proposals are currently set in place, but Chancellor Hagerott said more concrete plans should be expected in the coming months. Once more information is available, NDUS is expected to speak again with the State Board of Higher Education for additional feedback. 

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Monday, January 22, 2024