Election-related measure submitted to ND Secretary of State

WDAY Radio File Photo/Canva
WDAY Radio File Photo/Canva

(BISMARCK) -- North Dakota Secretary of State Michael Howe has confirmed to WDAY Radio Now that a ballot measure has been submitted for approval to his office relating to how North Dakota runs its elections.

Lydia Gessele, of Chaseley, is the Chair of the sponsoring committee. She tells WDAY Radio Now that the main objective of the measure is to "give the election process back to the people."

"Also, we want a method to verify our elections, which we currently do not have," Gessele told WDAY Radio Now. "We want to give the power back to the people, so they know that their vote counted."

Howe has until September 6 to draft a title for the petition. To be placed on the ballot, circulators of the petition would need to gather 31,164 signatures.