No charges filed against deputy following April shooting

Courtesy of: Office of the Attorney General
Courtesy of: Office of the Attorney General

(Bismarck, ND) --  No charges will be filed against a deputy after a shooting at the Mott-Regent Public School last month.  

The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation found the deputy followed procedure during the incident on April 21st.  Jeffrie Ray Glover Junior was asked to leave the school several times and was shot after non-lethal attempts to restrain him failed. Hettinger County Sheriff Sarah Warner says the deputy who fired his pistol used his stun gun on Glover twice and attempted to handcuff the suspect during the incident. Sometime during the confrontation, Glover got on top of the deputy and wrapped his hands around the official's neck, while attempting to grab the deputy's knife. That is when the official fired their gun at Glover. 

"The deputy exercised all de-escalation and lesser-force options before resorting to the firearm discharge," said Sheriff Warner in a statement.

No students or staff were injured in the incident.