Hettinger County Sheriff: Oklahoma couple found dead in truck submerged in water

Courtesy of: Hettinger County Sheriff's Office
Courtesy of: Hettinger County Sheriff's Office

(Hettinger County, ND) -- The Hettinger County Sheriff's Office say two people were found dead after attempting to ford a low crossing in the Cannonball River.

Officials say Oklahoma residents Patrick and Joan Blake, both 74-years-old, were driving in rural Hettinger County and attempted to cross the Cannonball River near 96th Ave SW and 71th St. SW when water was approximatedly 3-4 feet deep at the location. That is when the truck lost traction and was pushed into the river. Joan Blake called authorities, saying water was up to the truck doors, and that both Joan and Patrick were unable to leave the vehicle.

First responders were unable to locate the truck. Dickenson's Dive Team found the vehicle approximately 1600 ft to the east of the crossing submirged in 15ft of water. Both Patrick and Joan were found deceased inside the vehicle.

You can see the official release sent by the Hettinger County Sheriff's Office by clicking here