North Dakota ranks as 10th most gambling addicted state

Photo by: WalletHub
Photo by: WalletHub

(Fargo, ND) -- With the gambling industry bringing in record-breaking profits last year despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Kentucky Derby soon to kick off, WalletHub Tuesday released its report on 2022’s Most Gambling-Addicted States, and North Dakota ranks near the top.

According to the personal finance website, the Peace Garden State ranks as the 10th most gambling-addicted state. In order to tally the top states, WalletHub compared them all across 20 key metrics, including everything from the presence of illegal gambling operations to lottery sales per capita to the share of adults with gambling disorders.

North Dakota's most notable rankings in subcategories included:

  • 1st – Casinos per Capita
  • 11th – Gaming Machines per Capita
  • 1st – Legality of Daily Fantasy Sports
  • 8th – Legality of Sports Gambling

To no surprise, Nevada came in first as the most gambling-addicted state in the survey. The least gambling addicted state turned out to be Utah.

You can find the full study by clicking here.