Petition to legalize Cannabis in North Dakota to begin being circulated

Photo by: New Approach North Dakota
Photo by: New Approach North Dakota

(Bismarck, ND) -- The North Dakota Secretary of State has approved New Approach North Dakota to begin collecting signatures for a ballot measure petition relating to the legalization of cannabis for adults.

“This approval process represents the culmination of months of hard work, and we’re excited to begin talking with voters and collecting signatures. It’s noteworthy that our measure required no corrections or amendments from state officials in order to be approved, which underscores the diligence we put into the drafting process,” said David Owen, campaign manager for New Approach North Dakota.

Scott Brand, a West Fargo attorney, veteran, and member of the New Approach North Dakota sponsoring committee, commented, “As an attorney, I appreciate the thoughtfulness and vetting that went into this initiative. As a veteran, I support the initiative because it will remove barriers for those in the military community who need access to cannabis for medical reasons.”

The campaign is planning to open at least two signature gathering offices this week and is recruiting volunteers and paid signature gatherers throughout the state. Individuals wishing to join the effort are encouraged to visit this website to learn more and sign up.

Over the past week, hundreds of North Dakotans have contacted the campaign to express their support, get involved, and indicate their willingness to sign the petition.

The campaign has until July 11th to collect 15,582 valid signatures in order to qualify for the November 2022 ballot.