Hundreds gather at KMOT Ag Expo

Photo by: KMOT Ag Expo
Photo by: KMOT Ag Expo

(Minot, ND) -- Hundreds of people are gathering for the KMOT Ag Expo.  

More than 350 vendors were present, selling everything from combines to seeds. Farmers especially noted increases in prices as they prepare for spring planting. Some farmers say they will avoid some crops because of fertilizer prices that have nearly tripled. Many producers at the event were hopeful about the amount of moisture received this winter.

Vendors at the KMOT Ag Expo did express concerns about supply chain issues. Many companies say they are booked out through planting season for things like seeders. Many are concerned about whether there will be holdups with parts or computerized components. Ag product specialists say backlogs on electronic components are causing delivery delays on some equipment.

In the meantime, a specialized spray is on display at the Expo. The John Deere See and Spray Select sprayer includes a boom that has a series of cameras. The cameras are helpful in identifying certain weeds in the field and isolating spray to those, saving product and money. Gooseneck Implement is showcasing the sprayer at the expo.