AAA gives safety tips for holiday season

Courtesy of: AAA
Courtesy of: AAA

(Burnsville, MN) -- AAA is forecasting a 13% increase to travel across the country for the holiday season, but are encouraging everyone to remember basic safety rules. 

AAA released a statement saying many safety hazards happen during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season, and are warning people to be vigilant so the holiday season doesn't become a bad memory.

"Since safety is at the heart of what we do at AAA, we want to share a few important reminders to keep everyone safe throughout the holiday season," Meredith Mitts, spokesperson, AAA-The Auto Club Group. “The holidays can quickly turn tragic if you’re not careful. Whether you’re in the kitchen or behind the wheel, AAA urges you to be patient, avoid distractions and pay close attention to your surroundings.”

Here are some things that are more common during the holidays...

Home Fires

AAA says Thanksgiving is the worst day of the year for home fires, and Christmas isn't far behind. Some easy ways to help prevent fires are....

- Limit distractions in the kitchen if you can.
- Smother grease fires with a metal lid or baking soda. Never use water.
- Try to keep the people in the kitchen to a minimum, to avoid bumping hot pans or spilling liquids.
- Keep a fire extinguisher on hand, or make sure yours hasn't expired. 


AAA says theft is a common hazard, but it becomes more prevalent during the holidays. This includes break-ins, porch piracy, and vehicle break-ins or vehicle thefts. 

“When leaving your vehicle in a parking lot, make sure shopping bags and gifts are not visible through the car window,” added Mitts. “Putting your bags in the trunk or another place where they are not visible can help prevent vehicle break-ins.”

Traffic Crashes

AAA says roadways are busier this time of year than most, and wants you to practice safe driving strategies to make sure you get to your destination safely. Some tips to avoid roadway distractions include...

- Put the phone away, out of sight and out of arms reach if possible.
- Know your route before you travel, preferably with a GPS or similar system.
- Pulling over before you call or text is a great way to avoid distracted driving.