North Dakota Among Top States in Quickest COVID Recovery

(Fargo, ND) -- When it comes to recovery efforts from the COVID-19 pandemic, North Dakota ranks near the top for quickest to get things back in order.

Personal finance web site Wallethub has ranked the state as the 7th quickest to recover from the effects of the Coronavirus. The site compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 18 key metrics, including the share of the population fully vaccinated to the real GDP vs. pre-COVID levels.

Here are some of the spots where North Dakota flourished:

  • 16th – Share of Vaccine Supply Used
  • 8th – COVID-19 Death Rate
  • 4th – COVID-19 Hospitalization Rate
  • 23rd – Share of Hospitals with Supply Shortages
  • 19th – Average Daily Restaurant Visits
  • 25th – Real GDP vs. Pre-COVID Levels
  • 8th – Total Weekly Consumer Spending vs. Pre-COVID Levels
  • 4th – Real Estate Active Listings vs. Pre-COVID Levels

The top state with the quickest recovery from COVID-19 according to Wallethub is our neighbors to the South, South Dakota. The slowest to recover so far is Louisiana.

You can check out the full report by clicking here.