Vice President Kamala Harris speaks in Arizona after the state's Supreme Court upholds near-total abortion ban

Courtesy: White House Press Team
Courtesy: White House Press Team

(Tucson, AZ)  --  Vice President Kamala Harris is supporting women's reproductive rights after the Arizona supreme court upheld a 160-year-old law that bans nearly all abortions.  

Harris spoke at an event in Tucson Friday that was focused on abortion rights and the Biden administration's efforts to keep it legal.  

"Vice President Harris and I stand with the vast majority of Americans who support a woman’s right to choose," said President Biden in a statement. "We will continue to fight to protect reproductive rights and call on Congress to pass a law restoring the protections of Roe v. Wade for women in every state."

Harris said the fight for abortion is a fight for freedom, and that she and President Biden trust women to make their own medical decisions.