U.S. issues new warning for Americans in Israel as WSJ reports warships are moving to defend against possible Iran attack

Photo by: WDAY Radio File (Canva)
Photo by: WDAY Radio File (Canva)

(Washington, DC)  --  Security warnings are being issued for Americans in Israel.  

The U.S. Embassy in Israel on Friday issued a security alert restricting travel for government employees and their families outside certain areas "until further notice." This comes after reports that Iran may launch a retaliatory strike on Israel after an area near the Iranian embassy in Syria was hit by an Israeli airstrike. 

To assist in the defense, The U.S. is reportedly putting warships in position to protect Israel from a possible Iranian attack according to "The Wall Street Journal", who says the U.S. has repositioned two destroyers in the region, including one ship with a missile defense system.  

Iran has threatened to retaliate after an Israeli airstrike in Syria earlier this month killed several top Iranian military officials. The report says U.S. officials fear an Iranian strike could prompt an Israeli response inside Iran, which could spark a regional conflict and draw in the U.S.

President Biden on Friday said the U.S. is devoted to the defense of Israel and will help defend it.