Ukraine, Israel lead the discussions at latest GOP Presidential Debate

(Miami, FL)  --  Republican presidential hopefuls are making their case for the Oval Office.  

Five candidates faced off Wednesday night in Miami in a debate hosted by NBC News.  They clashed over how to handle the southern border, funding for Ukraine, support for Israel and abortion.  Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy opened the debate by attacking RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and the media.  He also clashed with former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley over foreign policy, including robust U.S. support Ukraine in its war with Russia, calling Ukraine a corrupt country.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis meanwhile called out Donald Trump for skipping the debates.  

Trump instead held a nearby rally.  

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum did not make the debate stage, falling short in the polling requirements.

After the debate, Burgum reacted to the attacks made throughout the two-hour event.

"Over two hours filled with petty attacks and in-fighting, voters learned why none of the career politicians on stage will be President and why political insiders have no business trying to artificially shrink the Republican field two months before the actual voting starts in Iowa and New Hampshire," he said. 

Burgum touted his business accumen.

"In business, we never would’ve gotten anything done if all we did was yell and name-call. We built a billion-dollar company from scratch by building great teams, serving customers, and providing a product that people wanted. In fact, I have created more jobs than everyone on the stage combined," he said. "I spent 30 years in software. Technology is changing every industry, business, and job in America. Software is the greatest invention to expand human capability in the history of mankind… and we haven’t even begun to touch the revolution it can lead in reducing the size of the federal government."